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A charming bench and a remarkable piece of history crafted by a Swedish carpenter in the enchanting 1800s. This one-of-a-kind bench is a testament to the beauty of imperfection and the artistry of the Wabi Sabi philosophy, embracing the essence of nature's simplicity and the passage of time.

With its beautiful wood structure the weathered surface, displaying the patina of age, enhances the bench's rich character.

A warm colour and patina that pair well with the minimalist scandinavian lifestyle. Scandinavian design is characterized by a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and light spaces. "Wabi-sabi is the view or thought of finding beauty in every aspect of imperfection in nature. It is about the aesthetic of things in existence, that are “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.



Height: 16.54 in (42 cm)

Width: 40.95 in (104 cm)

Depth: 14.38 in (36.5 cm)

Seat Height: 16.54 in (42 c

Raziel Bench

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