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Japanese antique wooden black coffee table/1868-1900/wabisabi low table

This is an item from Japan's Meiji to Taisho eras (1868-1900). It was originally used by a farmer, but it has been left unused for a long time, so it is black like this. The material is pine or cedar wood. And the table base is an old black wooden box. The material is cedar. A very simple and beautiful table base with a square shape. The two are combined to make a low table. A nice wabi-sabi coffee table. In particular, this table top is very thick, black and heavy. Boards like this are hard to come by. Why don't you take this opportunity to get this table? it's recommended.


w92 to 193 cm

d62 to 70 cm

h54 to 54.5 cm

Top plate thickness 8-9.5cm

total weight 24kg


Height: 21.46 in (54.5 cm)

Width: 36.62 in (93 cm)

Depth: 27.56 in (70 cm)



Materials and Techniques


Sepherod Coffee Table

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