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DISCLAIMER: Must read to purchase.


*This price is for those using the structure for temporary purposes without utilities; greenhouses, art installations, pop-up shows, art studio, tree house, glamping tents, etc.


*If you are looking to utilize this as a licensed house or ADU with permits, please research local zoning laws and building codes and speak to your local contractor.


*If your project is located in California we can assist you with this process, however the final price will not reflect the price of this glass structure as shown here. Almost $100,000 is required for design development and research in California with appointed architects and engineers. Plus the estimated cost of permits, construction, utilities and third party professionals.


* The cost includes all materials and delivery to your nearest port. (International shipping provided).

The price does not include delivery from your local port to your project location, unloading or installation. It does not include flooring, foundation, platform or any interiors. This is only a shell.






Our Glass House is designed to blend with nature. Mirrored from the outside, clear from the inside. You may also request for clear or tinted glass.


Glass Haus

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